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Sculptural objects for the body and personal spaces.

"Open Pod" earrings, "Closed Pods" necklace

Anodised aluminium recycled from saucepan lids, glass, sterling silver.

"Red Dragon" necklace

Soccer ball stitching.

Pomegranate necklace

Recycled anodised aluminium saucepan lids, rubber massage ball.

"Habibi" Collars

various materials; rubber, leather, fabric, plastic.

Bangles, Rings, Earrings

Recycled aluminium, sourced from coloured anodised saucepan lids from the 60's.

Chandelier Earrings

Aluminium from recycled saucepan lids, recycled sterling silver.

Ray Collars

Various reused plastics and rubbers; innertubes, fitballs, handbags, placemats, vinyl inflatable furniture.

Rolling Pebble necklace

Reworked gold bracelet, beach pebble, copper.

Dragon scales

Recycled anodised aluminum saucepan lids, innertube.

Lily hairpins

Anodised aluminum saucepan lids, bamboo